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Failed a module - second year.

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    I have taken 4 core modules this year - Land Law, EU Law, Tort Law, and Equity & Trusts. I passed the first three but failed Equity & Trusts (31%). I'm retaking it soon (in a week or so). I'm really scared I won't pass it a second time. The first time I took my second year exams this May, I was very confident about the Equity exam, and I hated EU law the most, but as it turns out I did good in EU law (68%) and failed Equity. I felt I did good in the Equity exam after I did it but obviously I did not. I got feedback from the lecturer which is helpful but I can't help feeling that I'll fail my resit. The resit is also capped at 40% . Does anyone have any advice on taking the Equity exam? Preferably someone with similar experience. I'm revising but I'm currently very upset with my situation. This is my first time resitting any exam in uni. And before you ask, I really did try hard for these exams.

    Thank you.

    I struggled with equity mainly because I just found it hard to engage with. I thought I'd done terribly in the exam but it turned out to be my best exam so my advice would be:

    Learn your case law as much as you can. Although you wont get marks for facts, I find the principles much easier to understand and explain if I understand the facts. I also try to make links with the case names and the point I will use them to make.

    Create answer plans or structures. These shouldn't be so rigid that only a certain question would fit what you've prepared but they should help you to tackle any question, whether it be essay or problem, in a methodical, logical way.

    Try to find some academic opinion. Read a few journals to get some opinions that would fit with your conclusions. Critical analysis is a great way of picking up an extra few marks.

    As nerve wracking as it is, try to relax a bit. Prepare as much as you can and get plenty of sleep the night before the exam. Good luck
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Updated: August 8, 2016
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