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Corbyn's crony; the Chakrabarti stitch-up

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    The nomination of Chakrabarti to be elevated to the rank of baroness has confirmed what we all suspected; that her anti-semitism inquiry was a stitch-up and a corrupt one at that. The nomination to the peerage was a huge conflict of interest and she knew she couldn't possibly avoid the appearance of bias and a more morally serious person would have said to Corbyn "I'm sorry, I can't do it. I can either do the report, or the peerage, but not both". And of course the same day she accepted the chair of the inquiry she decided to join the Labour Party, which is bizarre

    She and the Dear Leader claimed that she was an independent person carrying out this inquiry. It stinks of a quid pro quo. Her lack of independence was confirmed when Corbyn went in front of the Home Affairs Committee for anti-semitism and she was passing him notes and advising him how to answer.

    And we now find out Chakrabarti left out hugely important instances of anti-semitism, including some revealed by a whistleblower from within the leader's office, out of her report. She also jettisoned Baroness Royall's report into anti-semitism at the Oxford University Labour Club, and we only now know the details because someone did the right thing and leaked it. She also did not think it necessary to include in the report the answers Corbyn gave about his associations with anti-semites (which Chakrabarti has said she discussed with him)

    So Chakrabarti delivers a report that absolves Corbyn and elements of the party of any issue with or responsibility for anti-semitism (even though Corbyn admitted he had supported anti-semitic organisations). A few weeks later, she is rewarded with a peerage.

    In fact, it's unprecedented for the opposition leader to have any of their own nominations in the PM's resignation honours list. It's now been revealed that Corbyn was told he would have to lobby Number 10 directly, and that he did; he lobbied Cameron's chief of staff Ed Llewellyn to have her included in the resignation honours. And in so doing, he shot himself in the foot again and took away the attention from Cameron's disreputable honours. Anyone with a few brain cells to rub together can work out why the Tories were so happy to nod the Chakrabarti peerage through and include it in the list

    I mean, the New Year's Honours list is only 5 months away, he couldn't have waited until then to corruptly reward Chakrabarti? No, he had to do it in the most idiotic way possible and the way that would cause the most controversy the question of a reward for a whitewash and at the same time take the scrutiny and spotlight off the Tories.

    It just gets worse and worse with this man. What is Labour going to do? Are they going to survive?

    Saw this on Twitter:

    JC: Shami, do I hate Jews?
    SC: No, Jeremy. You don't.
    JC: Thanks, Dame Shami.
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    (Original post by Trinculo)
    Saw this on Twitter:

    JC: Shami, do I hate Jews?
    SC: No, Jeremy. You don't.
    JC: Thanks, Dame Shami.
    Do you notice whenever he's asked about anti-semitism, he pretty much always says "I condemn all racism". He never answers it directly, it seems really shifty. Just like when he was asked to condemn IRA murder, he said "I condemn all violence", he then immediately started talking about incidents by the British Army. Again, completely shifty and dishonest

    If you want to see just how shifty he is on anti-semitism, watch his performance at the Home Affairs Select Committee investigation of anti-semitism. And what a surprise, he has Shamiless sitting behind him passing him notes and whispering answers so blatantly that Keith Vaz has to order her twice to stop. If she was independent, why would she be doing this?

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Updated: August 8, 2016
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