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The "I missed my offer but got in anyway" Queens Belfast version.

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    Any stories of people who have applied to Queens, missed the offer but got accepted anyway. Any course. I applied for Business Information Technology so anyone with a story like that would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm studying Computing & IT and we usually share some lectures with BIT!

    I missed out on my offer first time round - I was 3 marks off the grade I needed and had to go into clearing. I hated the course so I ended up dropping out after a month, then I resat the A level exam and got the grades I needed to reapply.

    Coz I was repeating they asked me for ABB, I ended up with BBB and thought i'd lost out again! but later the same day my offer changed to confirmed place

    It's not very common but it's possible and does happen!

    I was supposed to go to Uni last year. I applied for Computer Science as my firm and Software Engineering as my insurance. Both at Queen's. They both required ABB, which was a silly choice on my part. I was on holiday for results day so I decided to just log in to UCAS to see I had been accepted as I couldn't collect my results. Turns out I got ACC and didn't get accepted for either course. I was devastated. So I spent about two days of my holiday trying to get a spot in Clearing for somewhere. Eventually got a place for Psychology in Ulster University. After I bit of reflection I decided that this wasn't what I really wanted to do. I did like Psychology but Computing was where my heart was at, also Queen's had always been my main goal. So I rejected my Clearing course and decided I was going to repeat the subjects I got the C's in (Maths & Psychology) by myself, as my school wouldn't most people back. So I studying by myself for a year, do the tests and eagerly wait my results. So results day comes back around. I open up my envelope. ABC. My heart sinks. I've ****ed it up again. I log into UCAS to put me out of my misery. There's no updates. I haven't been accepted or rejected. Strange, I thought. I check qub.ac.uk/ucas. "Decision pending" it says. Meaning, because I was borderline, they were trying to see if I could get a spot. So I wait, and wait, for over week. No decision. Im starting to accept that I've wasted the year and I'll have to accept my Insurance choice for Ulster University Coleraine. Just went I have lost hope, I'm on the way home from somewhere on a bus when I got a phone call. It was Queen's admissions phoning me to tell me I got in. I was ecstatic. I was honestly the longest week of my life. But now I cannot wait to get started and I'm glad I took the year out to try again and get where I wanted to be. It was hard seeing all my friends going off to uni, mostly Queen's. But now I can do the same.

    Course was ABB got ABC and got in anyway
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Updated: September 1, 2016
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