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    First off I want to apologise if this is in the wrong section, I am new to this and secondly I want to apologise for how long this is, but if you read through it and try to help me in anyway I thank you so much.

    I have been suffering from severe depression for the past 5 years, which I have hidden from everyone, apart from one time I went to the family doctors to discuss it and he told my mum, I never went back after that. My mum thought he was talking about my brother as he suffers from ocd.

    For the last 2 years I have been having suicidal thoughts almost everyday, because I had been bullied my whole life and thought it would end at uni, which it didn't. I took this up with my uni support officer and she said nothing could be done and I should just ignore it.

    I have never had control of anything in my life, Im not even allowed to go out, it has been completely controlled by my dad, even the fact I went to uni.

    I know people will say that I am an adult and should make my own decisions, but when faced with homelessness and not knowing what to do vs listening to your dad, there is only really 1 option available.

    Now I have failed uni twice in a row and I have no idea what to do? Do I tell him right away? Do I wait until results day? Do I hide it for as long as possible?

    There are only 2 ways in which he will react, to kick me out or continue to mentally and emotionally abuse me at home.

    I opened up to my mum today for the first time, she cried a bit and hasn't left her room after that. She has no control over what happens to me she lives under opression.

    If/When I get kicked out who do I go to? I have no other family or friends and online there are conflicting options. Shelter say to go to my local council (newham) and they say try to stay at home.

    Please tell me what options I have available.

    Thank you.

    (Original post by subzero6661)
    Sorry for such a late reply! This sounds like a really difficult situation :/ firstly I wouldn't rule out going to the doctors again- some GPs are far better than others particularly on mental health and just because one didn't help, doesn't mean another one won't. Well done for opening up to your mum, that is a big step too!

    I'm not really sure how you can tell your dad, but it may be you've done it by now anyway. If you haven't, I would say working out what *you* think your best step is could be good before you do. Do you want to give uni another go, do you want to try and get a job and what sort of thing would it be, do you want to do something else. Not to say he'll say the same thing but having an idea of what your options are first I think could really help. If you choose uni, is there any way you can stay in accommodation there and would it be the same uni and course as before. If you choose job, try and find a way to keep your own money and gradually save up if you can to be able to move out.

    That's not the best advice I know, really hope things improve a bit soon for you though. There's always people on here willing to listen if you need to talk, people like the samaritans are also amazing and other charities in terms of practical advice (mind is worth a look?). Hopefully someone else will reply with some better ideas too!

    I'm only 17 so I may not have the best advice. Going through another 3 years may be a waste. Try to go straight ahead with a job that enables you to work up the ladder. Regarding your dad, don't let him control your life or make you scared to make decisions. Seek the most/best therapy you can. Happiness is a priority and if he's not helping you to reach these goals then find others who can support you. Look for shared accommodation, not only do you get shelter but you have company from those who can potentially support you in the future.
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