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I want to study dentistry or pharmacy in Canada

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    I'm 16 from the uk and soon expecting my GCSE results, I'm planning to do my A levels in England.
    After my A levels I would like to move to Canada to persue a Pharmacy or Dentistry Degree.
    My question is, Does UBC(University Of British Columbia) accept international students for Dentistry or Pharmacy? If so can you please leave links. Thank you.

    It appears that they do accept international students, check out their website here: http://students.ubc.ca/internationalI'd also suggest talking to your tutor when you start studying for your A levels, as they're there to help you through the application process.

    University of British Columbia is not a UK university and so you wouldn't be eligible for funding from Student Finance England. So I don't know how you would fund it otherwise but the costs I believe are considerably more for higher education in the states.

    Checking the UBC website it states 'entry is restricted to canadian citizens and permanent residents, and preference given to residents of British Columbia'

    I think Dentistry is a highly regulated industry and must be taught in the country in which you wish to practise for the majority of your career.

    If you are a UK citizen then I applaud you for wanting to study abroad as more UK students need to do so as the statistics are like some 30,000 chinese students come to the UK to study yet only 500 go over to China. The University of Nottingham has two campuses in Asia, one in Ningbo, China and another in Malaysia in the city of Kuala Lumpur, which offers an MPharm in Pharmacy. The MPharm would put you in a great place to continue you onto Ph.D., and you could make the MPharm a 5 year programme by coming back to the UK for an industrial placement year or seek a placement in Canada.

    To further promote tourism in Kuala Lumpur, they offer amazing culture..

    Another UK university with an overseas campus is Heriot-Watt University in Dubai offering these undergraduate courses.

    Disregard the posters above, at least at UBC, you must be a Canadian citizen or PR for both the PharmD and DMD programs. DMD and PharmD both require you to do at least part of your undergraduate degree. You can go to UBC for undergrad but you wouldn't be able to apply to their PharmD or DMD programs without being a PR there first.

    UofT though I just checked does take a select few internationals for their DDS program, its a bit risky, I would just stick to the UK. Tuition in Canada for international students for both undergrad and grad school is very high and without a clear job plan afterwards its a bit of an unnecessary risk considering you have access to perfectly fine dental schools in the UK.
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