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I'd like to make friends.

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    I'm chronically lonely and beginning to fall back into depression. So I've decided to take a practical step towards that.

    There's no way to say this without sounding like an *******, but I've never met anyone of my generation (now 17) who was in the same league of intelligence. Oh look at this special snowflake, oh does no one understand you kiddo, boo hoo... yup, you tear into me until it makes you feel better, but I've never met a kid in person who was capable of holding a conversation with me. I had very many friends growing up and was never socially rejected or isolated per se, but I've had to rely on forums for any meaningful interaction. I'm absolutely sure they're out there, just that something about the area I live in is definitely conducive to simpletons.

    Meeting someone who equals, or better, exceeds my intelligence, and has a depth of character besides, is something I'd murder several puppies for. If you think you might tick that box, and are around my age, and are also interested in making a mutually beneficial relationship, or just feeling sorry for me, please pop me a PM.

    I'd rather not share stuff about myself here, but I will guarantee that I'm not boring, or your money back.

    Thanks all.


    One question, how old are you?

    And couldn't you join or chess club or try the library or something, should be some intelligent people there.

    You're not as intelligent as me mate x

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Updated: August 8, 2016
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