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Scitt starting the course.

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    This course looks daunting and although I have fully prepared for it I'm scared I have a bad mentor. That doesn't want to support me.

    I requested to go in for my induction and I was advised that my mentor was doing a degree and she said she woukd only be there a couple of days I asked for a day that she would be fully available. I turned up on the day and my mentor gave me 2 policy documents and sat me in another class to observe while she did her planning.
    I offered to help set her /our new class up she declined. I asked if we could go through the children's details and she told me she would email them to me that was three weeks ago. Fellow students starting with me have had much better experiences been set up
    On IT, given full policy documents and been shown around. Should I just plod along? I'm scared to say anything as I feel every time I ask a question my mentor just shuts it down and I feel inadequate. While my fellow students prep their classes I have been told I'm not needed.

    I'm sorry that your mentor has given you such a poor welcome. Try not to panic, though, as it could simply be a case of end-of-year fatigue and the fact that she was busy with her degree. She may come back later this month more prepared to support you. Most teachers would jump at the offer of extra help when things need sorting out, so it's very possible that she declined your offer to set up the classroom because there isn't a great deal for you to do, which if she isn't moving classroom is probably the case. You should have time to discuss the class with her before the children are back, but this most likely will be a very quick conversation because she won't know much about them herself.

    Some schools can be a bit unorganised when it comes to inductions and they don't necessarily take place until you actually start at the school, particularly if you are a trainee! I trained via the School Direct route and all of us trainees and a new teacher were inducted by the Deputy Head who provided us with log ins, policies, keys etc but this wasn't until we started in August. We were supposed to be given log ins for SIMS, which is the system they use for registration, but that never happened and so we all had to use other people's. We weren't provided with a school email address either, which wasn't a problem until they decided to change the code to get into the school, which was only communicated via email! Halfway through the year, they seemingly realised that I hadn't been provided with a device on which to store sensitive information because I was randomly handed a password protected, encrypted USB stick. The second school that I trained with left all induction matters to my mentor who provided me with the staff handbook and class details on the day we first met. I didn't get my own log in until a couple of weeks into my placement, though, and had to ask the office twice for an access card so that I could get in through all of the external doors and not just the main entrance! Schools are so busy that these little things can be so easily forgotten.

    Your mentor should have given you all of the policies and there's still time for her to do so, but if she doesn't, you will be able to get hold of them yourself - most of them should be on the school's website and others will be found on the school's server or in the staff handbook if they have one. Hopefully your mentor has sorted herself over this break and will return a much more welcoming, supportive person. If she doesn't, you will almost certainly find that there are TAs and various other people at the school who are willing to help you get sorted, so don't worry!
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    Thank you for sharing your experience, i really hope that you are right and that my mentor gets in gear in September. I too am on the. school direct programme and having come from a career where I have been head of training and regional manager. I guess my first impressions of my mentor have just overall left me unimpressed. I found the policies on the website and she gave me safe guarding and anti bullying. The website has so many that are relevant it would have been nice if she could have shown me where to find them. I asked her for the star handbook she said there isn't one. I also asked for info that appeared in my course handbook and she fobbed me off. The class we are due to have is half of her year 1 and the other half is made up of the other year 1 classes. Since we are going into year 2 we have to change classroom. I have really organised my binders and my assignment files already- But I will be relying on her to gain classroom best practices and my fear is that I will gain very little and be criticised a lot. Let's hope I'm wrong. Thanks so much x
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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