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    Okay so I passed my driving test last summer and I've only started driving by myself this summer. The thing is I'm really bad at driving and I feel like it's not getting any better. I keep making really stupid mistakes and for some reason changing to 2nd gear from 1st always takes me a while compared to other drivers? like I can never start off fast for some reason and I can see the traffic building up behind me.

    As well as that, I'm just genuinely so bad at simple stuff, like sometimes I'm not in the correct gear and everyone is telling me you get better with practice but I've been driving for like 3 months now and I see no improvement. Today something really scary happened to me and it's making me question if I should carry on driving. I was joining a dual carriageway but it's at a junction where you have to stop and look both ways (sorry don't know the name). To start with you have to match the speed of the other cars which I always take forever doing anyway.

    Basically, I was sat at this junction for about 15 minutes cause there was so many cars and I just kept hesitating cause I thought I'll never be able to make it out. when I finally decided to go another car approached from the opposite side in the direction I wanted to go and I just couldn't get to speed fast enough and the car beeped at me which I fully understand. I just don't understand how I could of prevented it cause everyone just seems so experienced compared to me and I can barley make it off alive lol

    any suggestions?

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    Firstly if you're that bad at driving how did you pass your test??

    If you're nervous about driving and you actually don't need to be driving don't do it. Go back to getting the bus or whatever if you can. idk what the public transport is like in your area.

    If you do absolutely have to drive, get extra lessons. Maybe try a different driving instructor to the one you used before?
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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