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Kept smoking a secret from partner..

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    So last year, October time, I had a huge crush on my current partner. I only spoke to them over Facebook and text but we met and that only made my attraction for them stronger. But after that 'date' nothing really happened, and suffering from anxiety pretty badly (GP confirmed it, not one of these "hurr durr I got anxiety give me attention" people) I was anxious of the whole thing for a good 3/4 months. During that time I made the few friends I had at school who were unfortunately smokers. I went out with them a few times, offered a cigarette and I eventually started getting the cravings, put two and two together and boom I started smoking. I probably started because it helped alleviate the worry I had.
    However I tried packing it in by using e-cigarettes, vapes, whatever you want to call them. By this time me and my crush we're together which was fantastic news.. Apart from they dont know my history of smoking and current situation of vaping/using an e-cigarette. The thing is, I dont think they see too kindly to smokers or people who vape, honestly I'm a bit worried/scared to tell them as I dont want them to think differently of me or anything to change between us.

    What should I do TSR, just go all out and say what I've said above or give it time and suggest the idea to them and see what they say, if its a good response tell them, if not try and keep it hidden? I feel its only going to be a matter of time before they find out anyway

    Thanks in advance people ^_^

    Honesty is the best policy, just go for it, it's best they know now rather than later down the line where they might find it problematic.
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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