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Why has my maintenance loan decreased?

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    I am about to enter my first year of study at Loughborough University. A while ago I received a second letter from Student Finance England which showed that my maintenance loan had decreased by £133. A second assessment was made 18 days after the first one, and this assessment meant I would be given a smaller loan. I am unsure as to why there was a second assessment, as I did not change any of my details after submitting my application (the only thing I did was sign and send the declaration form).

    Could my maintenance loan have changed due to other factors such as those concerning the university? Although this is a relatively small change, it was not clear to me why the loan would have decreased.

    Many thanks

    Hi Marco19

    The university may have updated the length of your course. Once the final amount is assessed you will be able to see your new entitlement online.

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    I contacted the University and they told me that none of the course details were altered at any point. My application must have been re-assessed at some point, but I have not been given a reason for the change.

    Hi Marco
    It could be that if you have been assessed for a maintenance grant this can mean that the maintenance loan entitlement you will receive would reduce. As we do not have access to your account we are unable to provide you with a specific answer and would request that you contact us on 0300 100 0607 to enable us to provide you with a specific response to your enquiry. thanks
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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