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Do you buy your books or do you use the library

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    I use the library but at my university I get all the books I need at the start of the year for free. I wouldn't pay for books if I'm honest, I'd rather use the library. University is expensive as it is anyway.

    I don't want the hassle to buy the book then selling it etc. However, if I was desperate to buy a book I'd buy a used one of Amazon.

    For one of my modules, the lecturer put a PDF of the book on Moodle! Such a life saver

    i rarely buy books, normally go to a library or um... find a pdf

    (Original post by Mathemagicien)
    Simple as what? I NEED TO KNOW.
    lol I just mean it's simple because the library is long ting like use your card and give em back by a certain date, etc. 😶😬

    For those buying second-hand books online, note that Amazon marketplace is not the only option, and often not the cheapest. Check out www.bookfinder.com - search for any book ever printed and it will find you the cheapest copy available online. It's fantastic. (I have absolutely no affiliation to this website!)

    Both, buying books and reading them in the library on occasion. When I am trying to get cheap books, I am going to flea markets. My tip to everyone who is trying to get them to a bargain.

    I buy books but have borrowed books from my local library a few times.

    I prefer to buy second-hand books as they can be cheap and they need some love as well. In my first year of college, the college library held a charity book sale. Paperbacks were 10p and hardbacks were 20p!! I bought 5 paperbacks and 1 hardback, all for less than £1!! The books are in good condition. In my second year of college, the library's charity book sale prices increased but were still very reasonable. Some books were 50p, some were 20p and book collections had individual prices (a new book trilogy pre-owned but still in its plastic wrap sold for about £4). I bought 10-15 books over the two-day charity book sale, all for less than £9!!

    My most recently bought books are brand new. A Famous Five book collection (reliving childhood memories!), a book about Muhammad Ali and his life, and a few Penguin Little Black Classics are among the new books. The Penguin Little Black Classics are from Foyles and have reasonable prices.

    The problem that I have is that I've bought many books and I've hardly read many of them. The Rio Paralympics were taking place until recently so I was more interested in that. The book I'm currently reading is Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. One of the Penguin books I bought from Foyles is Socrates' Defence by Plato. That'll be interesting as one of my A-Levels was Religious Studies.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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