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Want to get back to studying!

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    I'm in my 20s married with a child. I would love to start studying something - distance learning.
    I have many areas of interest, but ultimately I would want to study something that would be the biggest money maker and something that I could start out on my own setting up my own business.
    I have done GCSE's and other btec courses (graphic media and interior design)
    Would love to hear some ideas of where I should start with studying again.
    and what would be the best courses to take or the best way to get a degree with distance learning.

    Take a look at Open Uni. Or you can teach yourself. You said you studied G.Design. Why not buy a Mac Laptop/Desktop and start designing random things? Do freelancing work, submit your work to companies, get yourself known. Get people to come to your for Logo making or maybe other Design projects? Idk. You could also consider Uni (night classes if they do it). I hope I helped.

    Most people who make a lot of money or start a business do not need a degree, degrees if anything are a drag on making a lot of money not a help.
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    (Original post by JamesManc)
    Most people who make a lot of money or start a business do not need a degree, degrees if anything are a drag on making a lot of money not a help.
    But du not need somehwere to start? What business to start. Background knowledge. Etc.

    I might not be much help, but if you'd like to set up your own business, I would suggest looking into a course in either marketing or business. I'm currently studying marketing and my course has so far covered modules in everything from consumer law to finance and accounts to promotion and I'd say this has helped me a ton.

    However, judging from your BTEC courses (graphic media, interior design) you sound like you have a creative flair. Would you rather do something related to that? If so, you might struggle finding a good distance learning course but it's nothing that a good local community college shouldn't have courses in.

    Have you also thought about combining the two and doing something creative and business orientated like advertising?
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