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    The Wednesday before the first day of the Premiership-my least favourite day of the year. Seems to last forever..*.

    So I thought I'd give this website a mention.

    I don't know how I came across it but I found it to be a very useful source of team information. Now most of you guys probably know most or all of the info on there but I certainly didn't.(Hell,you probably all know the site)

    But that's not why I'm mentioning them really. It's their* predictions for the final finishing positions in the Prem that have landed them here.

    Especially Watford and Liverpool . The thing that made me smile was that even though most of their Premiership predictions were ,er,different,they have Leicester coming 8th just as everyone else thinks except Diego Costa.

    Their write up on Liverpool has really got me excited.Not to mention making me give my dream teams a rethink

    When I saw 'their' predictions I decided to find out who they were and unless I got cofused they look like an overweight 18 year old. I was sooooo disappointed

    Not having a go at overweight people. It's just that somehow I don't expect 18 year old overweight guy to know more about predicting outcomes than say 442 mag or the Racing Post.

    But I cant tell you how much I want to be wrong......

    Anyway here's 'their' predictions for Watford and Liverpool.....

    Another 5 minutes gone...yay. * yeah there was a time when I actually wanted summer days to last forever. I was 7 I think
    Watford 7th. Liverpool. Champions
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    Apologies to anyone on here who is overweight,male ,18-20 and thinks they know football
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    Just felt I should add that I do actually admire this guy. I think his website is very good and if his enthusiasm for football doesn't wane as he gets older he could well become an influential football writer I believe.
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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