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Math pgce Leicester Interview

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    Hi I have an interview next week at the University of Leicester for a PGCE in maths?

    Any advice on the interview, in particular the written task?


    (Original post by Ellie0091)
    Hi I have an interview next week at the University of Leicester for a PGCE in maths?

    Any advice on the interview, in particular the written task?

    I did my PGCE at Leicester, but not for Maths (although oddly enough I find myself teaching a fair bit of Maths next year, which should be interesting...).

    I imagine the written task is just to check you can communicate effectively in writing, with accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. The actual content of the task is less likely to be that important.

    My advice would be to relax as much as possible and try to enjoy the interview if at all possible. My PGCE tutors at Leicester were brilliant and the interview ended up quite light-hearted and casual, just having a chat really.

    Don't feel like you have to know everything or be an expert - be honest. They're looking for potential not for you to already know loads about teaching.

    Give specific, concrete examples of things you have seen/done in your school experience, not just waffle.

    That's all I can think of right now, but let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully a Maths specialist will pop up to help with that side of things.

    Don't worry about the written task - they don't really care what you write, they are just checking you can use sentences and paragraphs and have some understanding of spelling and punctuation.

    Unless you do something silly (e.g. express some abhorrent views or say you are only doing the PGCE for the bursary/scholarship or something like that) you'll be offered a place.

    Maths is a shortage subject so the best way to describe it is that "it's yours to lose"

    It won't be like a typical interview, they will be more interested in you and your personality than anything.
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