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Weed and Education plus Alcohol vs Weed

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    SWIM likes to smoke weed but has potential to get full A*s and has ambitions to go to a red brick to study medicine.

    SWIM enjoys the atmosphere of smoking weed (especially with headphones on), likes getting high and how their mind just stops thinking too much and stops obsessing over the littlest of things, don't forget the "munchies" after the high, and then unwinding, probably watching a movie. The person hates the labels given to them, they are not an idiot and the person is not willing to fulfil the expected behaviours given to them by condescending roles. (They just like the drug, it doesn't make them bad people.)

    In moderation, as a reward for revision in around 4 week intervals should that person smoke a single joint because tolerance would be lower, so highs would be better and that person would still have a fighting chance in achieving my goals?

    The other chance is to save it until university (getting drunk with mates).

    In short, should they work hard now and enjoy life later or work hard and enjoy life in parts?

    Also, Cannabis is an illegal drug. They are aware of the law and the risks but still end up smoking it and the person is used to it, and has only tried this one to experience its full effects. How is alcohol like in contrast to weed? (in terms of the good and the bad?) Is it safer than Cannabis? (include the law.)

    in my past, I'd have said either weed or both but now I'm in a high-rank business
    I just stick to the booze but only the good stuff anything less than £30 a bottle is out (i have to admit I am a man of varied tastes bourbon, scotch, vodka, cognac, champagne, Tequilla and occasionally sauternes and icewine)

    Why are you using 'SWIM'? It is the most incriminating acronym you could possibly use in this context...
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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