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Can't remember results of previous qualifications taken years ago?

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    Hey all,
    So I'm a mature student wanting to start an access course in order to further proceed to university. Ideally I want to apply to dentistry.

    Now I know that in your UCAS application you need to put ALL of the qualifications you have ever taken, including the ones you failed. I can't remember all of the qualifications I sat in school/college. Is there any sort of service that would allow me to look it up somehow? I have my UCI number (unique candidate identifier).

    I am told that unis can check what qualification you have ever taken. What do they use to do that? Surely there should be a way I could check myself as well?

    I'm just afraid that I will miss something out and it will work against me, as if I'm trying to hide it.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    The schools and colleges should have records of results going back a few years. If you get no joy from them, you will need to contact the exam boards. Your school should hopefully be able to tell you which exam boards they used, even if they no longer have a record of your results. There is a fee for getting replacement certificates, but you may need these to secure a university place anyway.

    (Original post by dolphin159)
    I can't remember all of the qualifications I sat in school/college. Is there any sort of service that would allow me to look it up somehow?
    It's a bit more fundamental than that. At this stage, it's just about remembering your results. However at some point - Access entry possibly, but certainly uni entry - you will have to produce proof. Basically, "Certificates, or it didn't happen". You can be sure that nobody is going to just accept your word about your grades.

    Unis and colleges do not have access to a database of all the qualifications that everyone has taken, sorry. There is communication between organisations for those currently awaiting A Level results on results day, but nothing which goes back into the past.

    You need to contact the school/college where you first obtained your qualifications. They may be able to advise which exam board(s) you studied under. Once you have that information, you should hopefully be able to find out how to obtain replacement certificates.
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    Thanks for your replies.
    I will start getting in touch with my school and college. Hopefully they'll be able to assist.

    Bdw I know that in college I got a U in general studied. Do I need to put that on my UCAS application?
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Updated: August 11, 2016
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