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MA Dissertation - Methodology Advice

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    Hi All,
    I am currently working on my MA dissertation. I am a full time teacher and have hadvery little support from my so called supervisor, so it has not been an idealsituation really. This summer is being spent writing up my dissertation! (allthe data was collected in January, but working full time, it has been reallydifficult writing up the research).
    I am a little stuck when it comes to the methodology and my supervisor is not replyingto my emails. I was wondering if anyone here would be able to offer me a littlebit of advice?I am struggling to come up with my research philosophy and research approach. For myphilosophy, I have narrowed it down to either Interpretivism orPost-Positivism, but I am not sure which. For approach, I am a little confusedas to what this section wants from me.Below is a briefoverview of my research. If anyone could offer me any advice that would begreatly appreciated!!!
    My researchis concerned at looking at a particular job role within education and how therole can be more effective by improving how that role is led by the job rolesmanager – focusing on the potential of a particular leadership style. Myresearch involved two stages:
    Stage 1 –Sent a questionnaire out to all Managers to choose a leadership style from aseries of options that they recognised they used when leading the job role andthen rating the effectiveness of that job role. I then analysed this data anddrew an average rating for each leadership style.
    Stage 2 –Focused on one leadership style which showed to the most effective from stage1. I implemented this leadership style, as a manager, to lead individuals inthis job role. I kept a reflective diary and used this as part of my datacollection. I also interviewed other managers to collect data on thisparticular leadership style – do they use it? Does it work? If they don’t useit, why? Etc.
    The research is ending with a list of recommendations of how to best lead the job role….
    This is very brief, however, if someone is able to assist me, it would be very much appreciated. I am comfortable with the other sections of the methodology such as access, strategy, data collection etc. but just stuck on the research philosophy and research approach.

    I think it would be helpful to look at a good example of a methodology written for a masters dissertation. Do you have access to any from your uni from previous submissions?

    Sometimes uni libraries run sessions on dissertation writing which might cover the areas you're asking about. Have a look at what they offer. Other than that the suggestion about looking at previous dissertations is good. Good luck!

    Which text book are you using (if any?)

    My dept used Bryman's Social Research Methods and it became my bible.

    I'll send you a pm in a sec

    Email other members of your faculty/head of course. It's important you receive adequate supervision (if you still have time left!).

    It sounds like you are using qualitative research methods, with an interpretivist out look as you said. I would recommend working on the structure, abstract introduction, literature review methodology, discussion/findings and conclusion. Also don't forget the references, the best place to pick this up is from google scholar and the library.https://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar...1%2C5&as_sdtp=

    here's a link to get you started with, good luck!
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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