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Switching Science - Please help!

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    I'm falling apart... So I'm in the IB and I'm about to enter DP2I am planning on switching from Biology to Sport Science?I hate my teacher, I suck at Biology, however if I make this change a teacher will share the Sport Science material with me and I need to study it, meaning I won't have a teacher and I need to study more since I would be 1 year behind.What should I do? Is Sport Science a lot easier to learn than Biology?

    Are you taking biology currently at HL or SL?
    Honestly, sports science has a reputation as being a "soft subject", but this May many of my friends who took it got less than expected.
    If you really hate biology and your teacher, this obviously isn't conducive to your learning. However, can you trust yourself to motivate yourself to learn an entire syllabus in one year? If you know how to manage your time, then sports science might be the better option for you, particularly as many subjects are also covered in biology. I suggest you take a look at the sports science syllabus (which you can easily find online) and see if it appeals to you, and is something you can learn in one year. If it does, then you should try to cover as much of it as you can during the summer, and definitely try to get a tutor! If your school doesn't offer sport science, try to find one nearby that does. Their resources will be invaluable and it's essential to have someone who can explain concepts to you, and push you to work hard. Be warned that if you decide to self study sport science, you'll have no one to help you with your IA, which constitutes a very large percentage of your overall grade!
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    I'm currently taking Biology SL.

    What do you mean by " soft subject?"

    I have a lot of people who can help me if I do Sport Science.

    My grade in Biology SL is a 3 and we've only covered the easy subjects so far. I believe I could do better in Sport Science. However I don't know for sure since just looking att the syllabus isn't enough.Is Sport Science easier than Biology?

    I mean "soft subject" as it having a reputation for being easier than the other original science subjects like bio, chem, physics etc. I've never taken it though so I can't comment on the validity of this statement. It did generally seem to attract students in my school who were weaker with science subjects
    If you feel that you'll have enough support with sports science, then that does make the decision easier (I was under the impression that you had to self teach the entire syllabus)
    I would say sports science is about 50% biology and 50% case studies, so the overall learning is similar to bio, but there's less technical memorization
    I would honestly suggest you use the summer to either purchase or take out a sports science textbook/look at the past papers and see if it seems easier to you. You shouldn't just take the advice of TSR students without looking at the material, as what people may find easy is subjective
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Updated: August 11, 2016
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