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London is expensive?

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    (Original post by ByEeek)
    It is generally very expensive. I bought the kids a basic ice-cream (without a flake) for £2.50 each last week. I would expect to pay £1.50 with a flake. But times change. I used to be appalled that beer was over £3 a pint when elsewhere is was less than £2. I suppose that since the advent of chains, prices are reasonable - ish and the huge investment to the transport system is paying dividends. £6.50 a day for unlimited travel around central London is much cheaper than it used to be.

    But yes - housing is the biggy. I believe it is around £600 to rent a room these days. I rented a room in Cardiff a couple of years ago for £200 and that included bills and internet!
    Depends what area.
    On my road houses for rent are more than 1500pm. If it's 2 bed or 3-4.

    And all the houses on our road are for about 260,000-350,000

    So I guess it's average.
    But I don't mind London . My mom loves it, but my dad's changing his mind to a quiet area. Still deciding ♥ But living in London my whole live maybe that's why we don't find it expensive

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    (Original post by Habina786xx)
    But living in London my whole live maybe that's why we don't find it expensive

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    If you ever explore past the M25 you will see how things are a bit different but it is all relative. If you go to China, you wonder why things are so expensive here when you can eat in a cafe / restaurant handsomely for 80p.

    Keep in mind that wages in London are higher to compensate.

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    (Original post by Double Agent)
    It's more expensive but it is arguably the greatest city on earth so it's understandable.
    Maybe if you've only lived in London and, I don't know, Wolverhampton.

    If you earn big bucks then you are fine in London. For average joe it is a big rip off . London is fantastic but you need proper dough to live and enjoy it.*
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Updated: August 11, 2016
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