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Getting fit for the RAF

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    I have wanted to be in the RAF for years and I am definitely in the right mind set to get in. The only obstacle I can see at the moment is the fitness. I'm an extremely unfit person and I am finding it difficult to really push myself to do better when I am trying to exercise.

    As an 18 yo girl, the requirements for me really aren't that high at 2.4km in 13.23 minutes, 10 press-ups in a minute and 32 sit-ups in a minute. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near this and feel as if I am disappointing myself by not being able to push myself further.

    I would find it really helpful if someone could give me some tips and advice to become more motivated and work a lot harder during exercise. Thanks Guys. :3

    I would recommend the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred videos. They get you fit really really quickly and aren't that hard!

    You could join a local running club to help increase your cardio fitness (that's what I did). Activities like swimming are good too as it works your whole body & there's less chance of picking up an injury.

    Circuits are very common during Basic Training so you should definitely try those once you start to improve your fitness.

    What trade are you interested in & have you started your application at the AFCO by the way?

    The fitness standards for the RAF are ridiculously easy.

    There is no short cut to getting fit so ignore Fitness Videos and stupid celebrity diets you see and spend more time being active believe me it doesn't take long to get up to a basic standard of fitness at all. The easiest and quickest way of getting fit is to go Running don't over do it to start with or you will end up with shin splints/knee injuries. Get a good pair of running trainers and find somewhere to run that has varied terrain a mix of Concrete, Gravel, Grass etc... rather than just concrete it's far better for your knees and ankles. To start of with you could run 2.4km and do it as fast as you can you might have to walk/run at the start but you will get passed that, then at the end of the run do 10 proper press ups and 32 sit ups even if it takes you 10 minutes each just keep pushing until you do them. Do this 3 or 4 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks and by the end you will notice a decent improvement. If you begin to notice injuries or strains then go Swimming or perhaps cycling that day instead so there is less strain on your body.

    Once you have begun to get your body used to physical exercise then you can start to vary it, go for longer runs of say 4/5km and try to do as many Press Up/Sit Ups as you can, then a day or two later go interval training where you Sprint for a short amount of time say 30 seconds and then jog slowly for 100 seconds and repeat until you are to tired to continue as you get fitter increase the amount of time sprinting and reduce the jogging. You could find an running club to help you with this or for instance there are Parkrun's (google it) across the country every Saturday morning which is a 5km run it has people of all ages and fitness standards so you won't feel out of place and embarrassed. If you have the money you could get a gym membership most gyms usually run some sort of Boot Camp, Tabata circuit or something similar. Get yourself signed up for one of those and you will build both your cardio and core/upper body strength as you do Press Ups, Sit Ups, Burpees, Plank, Free Weights etc... as someone else mentioned above you will have to get used to circuits like that in the military.

    No one can advise you on motivating yourself if you wan't it and are in the right mind set then you will force yourself to do it just remember to bear in mind it will feel physically horrible to start with but within a few weeks of pushing yourself you will feel much fitter and healthier.
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    Thanks guys,

    I am interested in the aircraft technician (mechanical) trade but I haven't started the official application yet. I was a little nervous about not being fit enough in time...

    You seem to have some really useful tips Shabalala. I have wanted to be in the RAF for years and I really want to push myself to get in, I know it can help me reach my full potential, I'll take your advice under consideration and hopefully within a few weeks I'll be much fitter and healthier than I am right now

    Thanks so much again guys, all this info has been super helpful!!
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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