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    I'm studying bio, chem and maths next year and I was wondering if you had any tips links for revision or advice for me.

    (Original post by ellis27day)
    I'm studying bio, chem and maths next year and I was wondering if you had any tips links for revision or advice for me.
    I've just completed my A2 year and all I can say is practice, practice and practice and don't be afraid to get things wrong, just learn from your mistakes and don't get too disheartened at failure;you will eventually succeed! The more exposure you have to maths and chemistry questions (I can't comment on bio I never did it) the better as you don't just "learn and regurgitate" facts at A-Level like you woulld have done at GCSE, you need to learn a skill and the knowledge and then apply it to a never before seen question- which can be tricky. The more exposure you have to exam questions the better, for example in maths don't just do past papers from the exam board do the Solomon, Elmwood and edexcel bronze/silver/gold papers (if you are indeed with edexcel board of course!) in order to try and see all the possible ways they could ask a question. These additional privately published papers also phrase questions differently and assess all skill areas possible over the course of the 12 or so papers. With chemistry make sure you know all the reaction pathways and definitions as these are the easiest marks available, and take detailed notes. I would also recommend looking at mark schemes from the very beginning, not to cheat, but to get used to the phrases that are used in order to gain the marks. For example with benzene chemistry they look for very specific phrasing when looking at the electron structure "P-Orbitals overlap sideways forming a pi-cloud of electrons above and below the plane of the 6 carbon atoms" then use this phraseology in your notes so when you revise your brain is instantly used to seeing this kind of wording for exam situations.

    Also for both chemistry and maths ask your teacher for a checklist that incorporates the specification for your course. This allows you to know exactly what you need to make notes on and allows you to tick off what you've made notes on, then revised to fully prepare you for the exams.

    Hope this helps Good luck in your studies and future endeavours!


    Physics and maths tutor (for all published and privately produced papers and mark schemes for the current examination series and new A-Levels): http://www.physicsandmathstutor.com/...-maths-papers/

    Chemguide (a very comprehensive guide to chemistry that helps you read around the a level chemistry syllabus in order to gain further insight and understanding): http://www.chemguide.co.uk/


    Am starting A2 bio from Sept, having done AS I would definitely reiterate L33t, get as much exposure to the subject as possible! Also it's a lot more about applying your own knowledge to unknown scenarios.
    Another tip when doing exams is to be very specific (use very particular vocab) especially when answering 3/4 mark questions .

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