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Personal statement for medicine

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    I am wondering if anyone has ideas on how to make my personal statement stand out when applying for medicine this year. I do need to make a start on it as soon as possible and any advice on those who have written one before or are currently in the process would be helpful!
    Thank you

    Honestly, if you need to ask how to make it stand out, then I don't think it's gonna stand out any more than the hundreds of other applicants who'll be wanting to do the same thing and 'stand out'. I don't mean this in a bad way, but I think you shouldn't concentrate or look to make it stand out.

    Be honest. Be concise. Don't waffle on or ramble about things. Write about you. Write about what you've done but more importantly what you got from it and how that's going to help you be a great med student and ultimately doctor. Don't list achievements and voluntary/work experience. Mention them and then write about what you gained from them. Again, do this without rambling. Again, be concise!

    Sell yourself. Don't waste space trying to stand out unless it comes naturally to you and to the flow of the PS.

    And as I'm sure you'll hear countless times, read, edit, read, edit, read, edit until you think you can't do anymore. Then wait a little, and read again and tweak!

    Don't go writing it with the aim of standing out, because chances are in the end it won't and you'll end up writing some cliche trivial content. Be authentic. Write down a rough list of the work experience and volunteering that you did and write one really important thing you learnt from each one. Then try and integrate these together into a coherent paragraph. Please don't write you read the man who mistook his wife for a hat because every medical applicant seems to read it.

    First paragraph- intro (2 or 3 sentences)

    Second paragraph- work experience, volunteering and what you've learnt

    Third paragraph- extra curriculars and what you've learnt

    Last paragraph- conclusion (2 or 3 sentences)

    Focus on what you've learnt and why you're suitable for the course. I can guarantee you your PS won't stand out, there's thousands of applicants. Just make it solid.

    The only way you can make is stand out depends on the kind of work experience/volunteering and/or extra curricular activities you have done. Anything unique or uncommon. I mean if you think about it most people who apply for medicine do the 'typical' work experience and volunteering in a caring environment, hospitals etc. But what have you done that makes you special? or different? doesn't have to be medically related.
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