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French mayor bans burkinis

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    (Original post by chemting)
    I really don't see the difference between a wetsuit and a burkini...
    You have a skirt on the top of the wetsuit, because, you know, you can still see the shape of the thighs and ass in a wetsuit. The beasts men could get horny.

    (Original post by chemting)
    Maybe someone modified a wetsuit by a tiny bit and called it "burkini" as a marketing ploy to sell to unsuspecting, holier-than-thou Muslims: like Islamic nuts, Islamic honey, Islamic water bottles, halal student loans, halal credit cards and stuff for dem eye lashes. So Islam is already being commercialized in very stupid ways (but ironically it doesn't stop Muslims telling me how bad capitalism is ).

    Anyway, I really don't see the difference and the ban isn't justified for simply just this reason imo.
    I wouldn't be against burkini if we didn't have laws banning nudity, or nazi and KKK suits, etc. Since it is deemed acceptable for government/mayors to make laws on clothing, I don't get why it would be unacceptable to continue to do that now, especially in the current context of growing Islamic extremism. You have said it yourself, some covering clothes already existed for the beach, why some Muslims need to wear a clothing that they know offensive to the overwhelming rest of the population and that didn't even exist 5 years ago?

    Imo, the only acceptable argument against the ban is that now those who think they are waging a holy war will wear it just to make a point. The mayor of Cannes admitted that no burkini was spotted on the beach before the ban, but said today that 10 women have been asked to leave the beach since (three agreed to pay the fine of €38).

    French people are moving ever closing to taking back their homeland

    Good, I just wish British people weren't so spineless and do the same

    (Original post by WHITEPRlDE)
    French people are moving ever closing to taking back their homeland

    Good, I just wish British people weren't so spineless and do the same
    We all need to read the Daily Mail article entitled: Time to take back what's ours!

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    (Original post by SMEGGGY)
    What about Bikinis? So it's ok to have the 'freedom' to show your tits (as they hang out, are left nothing to the imagination) and thin g stings showing the arse, but no freedom for a woman to cover herself?
    If men didn't exist, women would probably still wear bikinis. If men didn't exist, women wouldn't wear burkhas or similar. Therefore, burkhas are the oppressive of the two.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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