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the understanding of the slightly above average in wallet. or class. and brain of UK

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    if you owned all the cash in the world - you would still not be eligable and legitly able to by a property without proof of yearly income. ofcorse- (disgarding dodgey deals buying outright in cash) which is only possibly for the deeply connected ultra wealthy-----. in effect you now need- proof of income 100%.. lesson being. -cash is dead-if you get cash u have to legitimize it and put it through the bank -because if you dont u are more and more unfree to spend it as u please by the day....you can now only spend it only.......in.. maybe a small family owned budiness or oldschool greengroscers or butchers....... if you can find one..( .......but supermarkets, big hardware stores, furniture/bedstore chains and diy/building material stores (aka b n q wickes). you can not do this without being potentially screwed - they all take your specific details when you buy. in effect putting you on the system. and by the system i mean........------ the shared data of your purchaces within every huge company and chain.these in which are invested in one anther, in banks, politics, media, tv.. etc. so they now have you on the system. - you have no privacy . you are now a stat waiting to be minipulated- in any number of ways....most accurately obvious-- through the internet.. amazon ebay etc... because that data they have is added up and used to target specifics in a less obvious way within tv adverts.. suggestive repetitive words in the news. everywhere. this works for companys invested in one another enough.. this is ruling the majority------ idiots none the wiser. subjectively controlled and minipulated dailey subconsciously.. - they also sell that infomation to anyone company. without stipulation. proof of legitamacy. ........ this system is used and invested to and within the core of government..is this right??....communisum was majorly inhumain and now very outdated on the exception of my ignorant belief of what the media have portrayed..--china doing okay--north korea a big nono thats human rights are easily 200 years out of date in the worst manor...but as they have no significant raw rescources to offer - are insignificant- the moral viscosity less than scarce---the public is only subjected to issues that can benefit and minipulate into a profit.. THIS IS THE SOCIAL CAPATALIST WORLD WE LIVE IN.- IT DOESNT WORK. IT ISNT RIGHT.- NO ALTERNATIVE..<------IDEA OF AN IDIOT WHO HAS REALIZED ALL THIS..#1 IDIOTS ARE MAJORITY AND ARE SUSTAINED AS MAJORITY BY THE IGNORANCE OF OUR SELF WORTH ABOVE ALL..NATURAL SELECTION (AKA MEDICINE AND TREATMENT TO THE WEAK)...... THE WEAK THAT POTENTIALLY COULD BE THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN OBVLIVION AND SURVIVAL... ALMOST OBSOLETE.. ANYWAY. it is OBVIOUS to ANYONE!. in the uk. we have many out of date laws.. some worked in the past.. and are still right now..but mostly we have.laws that objectively are completely negative to what we need as a country in the NOW. few have been changed to the relevance. most have not! because............ priministers have not the power.. they are ruled by the party who are only a party through money. the money rules. they are invested. most ridiculous laws are implace still because of this..most of the west are the same....how ever.. the most northern parts of europe are- on the most part. not of european union. and with upto date laws. laws in date. relevant. and unbiast -to all. and importantly not biast to the capatalist corrupt system rewarding the rich...as quoted before.. the majority are idiotic.....why??..BECAUSE!!. from the age of cohearnace......we are trained and taught to be submissive. to fall in*- as it were. be the perfect citizen........only enough drive to get a standard job- preferably owned by a corperation. minipulated into believing having kids and fam is what lifes about--- then on in-- easily controlled and minipulated into believing u need to buy whatever you are told to buy. go to whatever place/ country your told. accept what your being told. although it is a fact that the mental capacity and understand in all counts by school students is forever suceeding its predecessors. it is increasingly obvious why.. infinite knowledge by internet.. rasing understanding and the increasing amount ofhow much you can mentally ingest/learn by the minute!!!. at the same time.. attracting the student towards time online.. having less and less time having human social interaction....... and this time spent online - is ofcourse as real as it seems is not. it is not reality. it is seperate.. over used-- can become a way of escaping reality.......... SO the internet is used to advertise ALL AGES.... making the more intellectual youth - less street wise and lacking in social skills..trying not to sound like granded.... i spent every hour i could - outside- in the treehouse, skate board, football, kisschace, rollerblading, hockey.........age- 5-11..id like to say that was the norm.........but now those ages are by the majority ------------are kids addicted to internet/tv/xbox/pc3- binging on computer games in all forms... becoming way more suseptible to adverts......this is having the effect of. a social inept - shy - and confused child. the childs reality is more online than real life.. this is where it pays off for the fat cats.... they have an audience now to minipulate. feed adverts. and use.

    The **** am i reading all of that.


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Updated: August 12, 2016
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