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What are your worst driving mistakes?

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    I have been driving for 3 years now and lately I've made some stupid mistakes, as well as other stupid **** during these years.

    The most recent is that in a multistorey car park, there were no spaces on level 2 and so I turned the car around with parked cars either side and I bumped a BMW when reversing. I panicked and drove off without leaving a note!

    Not long after passing, I was getting tailgated on a country road and couldn't help but keep looking into the rear view mirror, then we came to a give way junction and I didn't realise! So I had no time to stop and took the chance of turning left. That could have ended in a high speed crash and still scares me today. Definitely the most dangerous moment of my life.

    Another time, I rolling stopped at a junction near my house and it was clear, but then a car came zooming and I pulled out (out of panic) but really slowly as it made me anxious like I knew I shouldn't have gone, anyway the car overtook me on a residential road and he was so pissed off. I was scared and turned right before he could chase me lmao.

    Other early mistakes include scraping a parked car's side, hitting a parked car mirror when driving past, and 2 times I have scraped the right bumper when entering and exiting my drive.

    This makes me sound like a terrible driver but in general I'm safe and don't speed. I know I shouldn't have all of these errors in just 3 years but **** happens and I wanna own up to it.

    So how long have you been driving and what are your mistakes?

    Just sounds like you need to pay more attention and be more observant tbh. I made a few silly observation or panic-based mistakes when I was still new but I've been driving for 3 years now and I don't really make any real mistakes, in fact at least once a week I find myself having to react to avoid being a victim of someone else' mistake and wondering how these people are even allowed on the road. My absolute worst habit is being a chronic speeder and being a bit aggressive when pulling out, but not to the extent that I've been beeped at or force others to slow down.

    Just turned three years in June.

    Clipped a couple of curbs.
    Had a blow-out on the motorway at 70mph - isn't really my fault.
    I still look for two car parking spaces together so I can drive in without issue, hahaha.
    I speed more than I should.
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Updated: August 12, 2016
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