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Narrowly missed requirements for 4th year of masters degree

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    Ok, so I'm doing a joint honours at Glasgow uni and just finished 3rd year of a masters degree. My requirements to get into 4th year were a GPA of at least 12 in my first subject and a GPA of 15 in my second, I got a GPA of 17 in my first but sadly got a GPA of 14.5 in my second, narrowly missing the requirements. I am in talks with the head of level 5 for the second subject as he has the final decision but he has told me that it won't be until next week before he will get back to me. When talking to the heads at the first subject they say that often they would let people in to 4th year of a masters if they just miss out on the requirements but since it is a different subject they don't have authority with that, furthermore, in my final year I will only be doing 40 credits of my 2nd course and will do 80 credits of my first course, meaning that my final year will mainly be focused on my 1st course which I have a GPA of 17 for so far which I feel is a not bad grade. So what I'm wondering is if Glasgow uni often make exceptions to these rules or if it is likely that I will have to move to the bachelors degree

    I don't have any personal experience to back this up, but I believe it is moderately common for someone who just missed the requirements to do the one they want to IF they have shown aptitude, keen interest, and a desire to "go beyond" the basic requirements (even if they missed it on this occasion).

    As for whether you think you will get it, it really depends on how much work you think you've put in to demonstrate you really want to go that path.

    Again, this is really just a hypothesis.

    (Original post by currang)
    So what I'm wondering is if Glasgow uni often make exceptions to these rules or if it is likely that I will have to move to the bachelors degree

    Unfortunately the decision will only come down to the faculty for your second subject. However, many departments have discretionary grade zones, grades which are just below a cut off point. This usually happens for degree classifications.

    I wouldn't say it's uncommon for those who don't make the explicit requirements to continue on the same program, but the situations for this will vary wildly. It can come down to previous performance, department tolerances or, in your case, joint honour program specifics.

    Discuss this with your adviser if you haven't already, particularly if you have one for your second subject, they may well have encountered this before.

    Hope this helps!

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Updated: August 14, 2016
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