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Leave tenancy early

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    Hi, I have recently found out that the place where I rent has mice in the kitchen(I cant go near it or cook anything there), the laundry machine is not functional and the bathroom floods every time it rains. For months there havent been issues like this but its generally not a good lifestyle not to be able to cook anything on the kitchen plot or to mop the floor or collect rain water.

    Can any of those be considered as breaking the terms of the contract? Is there a way to confront the landlord or go somewhere else if the landlord disagrees with me? I would prefer to leave asap as the conditions are generally unbearable.

    "Is there a way to confront the landlord"
    I'm guessing by saying that the landlord isn't aware of these issues? You need to speak to them first and see if they get sorted out...
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    he has been aware for 2 weeks and stopped replying to me or answer me generally since i addressed the issues

    Yes. You need to keep a diary and collect evidence (photos, phone logs, incident timeline, e-mails)of these breaches.
    You should contact Shelter for advice on how to proceed or go and visit your local CAB or you may have a welfare rights advisor in the SU.

    0808 800 4444
    Shelter's helpline is open 8am – 8pm on weekdays and 8am – 5pm on weekends, 365 days a year.


    Mice is here.


    contact CAB for advice

    your landlord is obliged to make repairs to keep the house safe and functional in a reasonable time frame... that will vary but obviously all these things need sorting out, the mice as a matter of urgency - this will be included in your contract somewhere

    email your landlord (don't call as you want a record of the conversation) and state the contract clause about repairs etc and say you expect a resolution to be offered within X days then you will contact the council to make a formal complaint


    this advice might be useful ^^^ there are extreme options e.g. witholding rent and trying to leave the tenancy but they are risky if the landlord doesn't agree
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    thank you so much for your help ill look into it ))

    (Original post by nomnomnom7)
    Can any of those be considered as breaking the terms of the contract? Is there a way to confront the landlord or go somewhere else if the landlord disagrees with me? I would prefer to leave asap as the conditions are generally unbearable.
    What does it say in your contract? Any contract worth its salt should state your landlord's obligations as well as yours. That said though, man up and get some mouse traps. They are dirt cheap and mice love Rolos (but not your last one obviously!) and peanut butter. We had mice in our garage. Sorted out in 5 minutes work. Don't bother with the humane ones - the mice will simply come back.

    Sort your mice problems out and put in your notice.

    Good luck!
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Updated: August 12, 2016
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