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Chance an international (eu) student?

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    Hi all,
    I've just graduated HS in Portugal. I know what I'm asking for is very difficult, considering differences in the educational systems, but can you give me a rough estimate of my chances at LSE? First choice would be Economics, but, if I'm not competitive enough, I could also consider Economics with something else.

    According to the site, the school considers a 19/20 equivalent to an A*. So I did the conversions already.
    My school grades are not the best, mainly due to a very bad start in year 10, and I wonder if I can make up for it with the exams (which I imagine being equivalent to a-levels). What do you think?

    I know I can apply - LSE asks for a 18/20 on the HS certificate, and I have a 18,5 which gets rounded to 19/20. I also have an A* in Maths which they also want for Econ. My question is whether I can make for a competitive application, as I have to decide between going to college in my home country or waiting to apply to the UK.

    School grades:
    Math: 19 (A*)
    Portuguese: 19 (A*)
    English: 20 (A*)
    Physics/Chemistry: 17 (B*)
    Biology/Geology: 17 (B*)
    Biology: 20 (A*)
    Philosophy: 17 (B*)
    Computer software and basic programming (?): 20 (A*)

    National exams:
    Math: 19 (A*)
    Portuguese: 19 (A*)
    Physics/Chemistry: 19 (A*)
    Biology/Geology: 19 (A*)
    English: 20 (A*)

    Led teams to win:
    - first prize at high school entrepreneurship competition held by major national company
    - award at the national science fair
    - first place in an international science meeting held in Lisbon
    - invitation for an international science fair to be held in Brazil in March (Expo Milset 2017)

    Also did/will do:
    - Toastmasters (started in July)
    - some volunteering experience (prob won't be able to get more than 50 hours)

    Ask them.
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    (Original post by Confusedschubert)
    Ask them.
    About the exams vs school grades thing? Or about the competitiveness of my application in general?
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    (Original post by Watawata)
    Hi all,
    The most important thing in aplying to LSE is the personal Statement and the Academic results. The UK doesn't seem to care too much about EC's. TSR has some good PS examples for viewing.LSE will have a good knowledge of the Portugal HS system as over 50% of the applicants are international and I see from the LSE stats there is 23 portugese students, 3 at the undergrad level at the LSE.

    You can apply to more than one course at LSE but you normally only get one offer and you are right economics is the most competitive.One thing is for certain if you don't apply you won't get in.

    Good Luck
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