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I really want to skateboard, but I have mobility issues and am disabled?

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    Okay, so ever since I was around seven or eight I've always loved the idea of skating. Cruising down a street, curving from pedestrians... I don't care about tricks just yet, I just want to be able to confidently cruise, and become 'one' with the board. However, I have some complex medical issues. My legs collapse, and I lost the ability to walk when I was 12. I had four years off-and-on in regards to secondary school attendance, and I just haven't got the same muscles other people have got. So my parents are weary about me trying to skateboard, and said I should go on my old scooter to see if I can 'handle' wheels with my condition before I spend my pocket money on a decent board, protective gear, etc. I see the logic. And if I lived somewhere a little less populated, I would have no complaints. But my issue is - it's more of a self-conscious issue - a seventeen year old girl on a kick scooter? Surely, people are going to think that's weird? My dad told me I have to spend four weeks using my old scooter consistently, and if my legs can handle it, I can get a skateboard and try it out. There's also the issue of me falling off a skateboard, and the complications it'll have for my condition, but if I have a pretty high pain threshold. I might talk it through with my physiotherapists. I just really, really want to skateboard. I do! It's a bit of a childhood dream.So, is it really as weird as I think it is for a 17 year old to be on a push scooter? Should I give up on my dream of skateboarding because of my medical condition? Anyone want to help me out?

    Well, I'll start by saying that I was a skater during my teens for a good few years. You WILL fall off whilst learning, that's a given. With skating, the only time you stop falling off is when you stop trying to learn new tricks or do something hard or new. In fact, I broke my thumb twice and foot once, and all three times it was doing something that to me, should have been easy, but I just screwed it up and it went wrong - like ollieing over a rock, doing a kickflip on a mini-ramp and doing a kickflip down a set of 3 stairs after I'd already landed these types of things hundreds of times; whereas, after a few years of skating, I was skating sets of 10+ stairs and big gaps, skating handrails, half pipes, even ollied off a 10 foot roof at one point... never got injured doing high-risk tricks. So yeah, you can even fall off doing something silly as well as something relatively risky, so if you're worried about falling off then just to let you know that it's going to happen.

    As for the scooter, what type is it? If you're talking about going to a skatepark and it's a street-scooter or whatever they're called, there are loads of people of different ages using scooters there. They never used to be cool when I used to frequent skateparks tbh, but I take my nephew these days and they're just as popular as a skateboard or a BMX or blades.
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Updated: August 12, 2016
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