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Can't meet the right girl/friends

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    I'm 16 and board so i have lots of friends who live too far away to see during the holidays as my school is ages away. So i've been trying to make friends in my area but its seems like impossible as i can't make many parties over the holidays!

    I've tried classes, sports clubs, gyms, going out with like the one friend who lives close to me (its ridiculous) to just meet other people but nothing has worked. I'm sure its not my looks because i've been told i'm fit/cute lots of times and ppl always ask me how i haven't got a girlfriend as i'm in great shape, have a apparently good face and am very outgoing/confident. However, i still just haven't really found any lasting friends and i'm not sure what to do. There are girls who i've say met while silently flirting on like the train or at a cinema and got their number but none of them were stunning. Can't ask friends as all their friends live close to the school as do they so its quite pointless.

    Where do teenage ppl hang out, just normal people, so i could maybe meet some friends/find a nice girlfriend as opposed to a party one that is really a bimbo which i know lots of. Any ideas/help?

    I'm feeling quite down because of it and people always get confused as to why i am down because my situation at school is pretty good.

    You're only 16. I wouldn't worry about it for now.
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