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Boiler replacement question

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    Hey guys,

    I'm having my boiler replaced in my property that I'm currently renting, as there is no hot water. I am curious to hear your opinions about whether I should ask for money off this months rent. The story basically goes as follows:

    - Complained about poor hot water function upon moving into the property, over a month ago. Nothing happened.

    - About a month later, letting agent finally sent round a gas man to look at the boiler after the hot water situation continued to decline.

    - Gas man said the boiler is not good at all, and that there was nothing he could do to fix it. Recommended calling the manufacturer.

    - Hot water completely ceased literally the moment the gas man left the flat on Friday night.

    - Had to wait till Moday to call letting agent as they were shut.

    - Was told they would contact the landlord ASAP to rectify the situation.

    - Got a call later that same day by a different gas man, saying he wanted to come round to inspect the boiler and hopefully fit a new one the following day.

    - Unfortunately I was not home but said he could get the keys from letting agent and let himself in. Letting agent said they did not have the keys. I went into the office in person the following day, turns out they do have the keys for the property.

    - Am told on Tuesday that the second gas man was too expensive for the landlord, and he will be going with the original gas man. Unfortunately he says he can't fit the new boiler until the following Monday (15th), but will try and do it sooner.

    - My partner and I have had to return to London to live with our respective parents, just for the sake of being able to shower. Thankfully I have not started work yet, and she has not started uni.

    - I have had no word yet and today is Friday, which means the boiler must be getting fixed on Monday, although this remains to be seen.

    I was just wondering what you guys would do in this situation. The rent is £875 per month. I expressed my interest in knocking a week off the rent for this month, but have not followed through. I think I will just wait and see if the boiler is actually replaced on Monday. If not, things will definitely have to be taken further as my patience is wearing thin.

    You won't get a refund on your rent unless that situation is written into the rental contract that you signed - and it probably won't be, because landlords/agents are never going to volunteer to give money away. You have already established that the agent and landlord aren't going to be proactive or co-operative in the event of a problem. They don't care about "goodwill" or keeping tenants happy. They just want your money and you have signed a legal document saying you'll pay it. The last thing you want is a reputation for threatening to not pay rent (which could get you evicted anyway) when things go wrong - being a "problem tenant" will just make them dig thei heels in further.

    If you want to take some sort of action, see your Student Union's Accommodation Officer/Section. They can tell you the best course of action and can advise on how feasible it would be to take the issue further.
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    Well we're currently paying full rent price for a property that no longer fulfils the original requirements by having no hot water, and therefore no shower or bath facilities. Why should we continue to pay full price for a service that we are not receiving?

    (Original post by jjl5590)
    Well we're currently paying full rent price for a property that no longer fulfils the original requirements by having no hot water, and therefore no shower or bath facilities. Why should we continue to pay full price for a service that we are not receiving?
    Unless your rental contract includes the circumstances under which you are entitled to withhold rent, you are legally obliged to pay it. You have signed a contract. Paying rent isn't the same thing as paying for a service. Talk to your Student Union.
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Updated: August 13, 2016
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