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How to speak english more proficiently when from a chavvy/working class background?

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    I grew up in a working class area of the UK, went to a very bad comprehensive school where even the nerdy kids like me spoke chavvy english and never really spoke standard english. I was fortunately gifted in maths/science and could type/write adequate english essays; however, I never developed the ability to speak fluent english confidently which will be a major burden for me when I step into any professional situation.

    Standard english feels like a closely related foreign language when compared to chavvy english which feels like my mother tongue. For example if I had to explain a concept in chavvy english, I can coherently and confidently explain that concept to a person who comprehends chavvy english, whereas if I had to explain a concept in standard english I sound very unclear and unconfident.

    Any tips on how I can become a more confident and fluent english speaker, as unfortunately people can be very judgemental about your dialect.

    Elocution lessons is the obvious choice

    alternatively you can try watching political debates online and listen careful to how they speak, the words they choose, the way they get their opinions across. I didn't come from a chavvy background but i did speak like a bit of an idiot when i was younger and started changing my approach after hearing the way more affluent and well educated people spoke and tried emulating them

    I'd also say it comes in handy to study a thesaurus and find alternative replacements to common words, the bigger they are, the more impressive.
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Updated: August 13, 2016
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