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Business and Management at Brunel University London

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    Hey guys! I have an offer from Brunel University London for Business and Management but i really dont know how it is in terms of teaching and social life.
    Anyone who graduated from this university that can guide me ? or anyone who is currently studying the same course that can help me out how it is actually ?
    Also, is a degree in Business and management actually good for your career and future prospects? Please help me out on this .

    Heyy just want to drop by and say that I'm going to be doing Business and Management (Marketing) this september as well ;D

    Are you going ot be staying on campus?

    Hi Sufyan789,

    We can tell you first hand that the Business and Management course at Brunel University London is an excellent course in terms of future prospects, with most of our students attaining or surpassing the average salary of £25,750, and around three quarters ending up in employment or further study.

    - Our courses are accredited by various governing bodies like ACCA and CIMA, as well as you being able to earn a CIM qualification during your degree

    - You can build your employability skills using our Business School’s unique Business Life Employability Programme

    - The course also features a sandwich 'placement' year to enhance your prospects even further

    Social life-wise, everything is on one campus, including our own club 'Academy' or 'Liquid' in Uxbridge just 10 minutes away. Central London is also less than an hour away by train. We have close to 100 societies (Afro-Caribbean Society, Asian Society and even a Zombie Society!) and a lively Student Union team ready to listen to your opinions on how to improve our offering. Your lecture centres are never more than 5 minutes walk so you shouldn't have to worry about being late after a long night!

    To learn more about the course please visit: www.brunel.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/Business-and-Management-BSc

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Guys, just want to say that I'm also going to be starting Business and Mangement (Marketing) with placement year in September 2016, and I'm also living on campus!!

    I want to ask, what is more popular? Living in a mixed gender hall or same - sex?

    (Original post by UniGurl2016)
    I want to ask, what is more popular? Living in a mixed gender hall or same - sex?
    Mixed gender, no one really wants same sex, unless for a religious reason or strongly adverse to the idea.

    Unfortunately I got ground floor, so I'm in same sex ugh, luck of the draw innit

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Updated: August 21, 2016
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