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BBC refuses to remake the classic World War II comedy 'Allo 'Allo because bosses fear

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    Do you know? I am sick to the back teeth of thick members of the public basing their opinions and emotions on headlines without taking half a minute to actually read the article and think.

    It may shock you but... the newspapers are full of lies and half truths. Read the article.

    Worst mistake we ever made was fighting the Germans not once, but twice.

    Waste of life. We did it to defeat fascism? LOL what exactly is fascism, can someone define it?

    Hatred? Um what about your hatred? what about the hatred of those who firebombed Dresden and Tokyo?


    I'm pretty sure the BBC loves a bit of BBC though.

    Hitler was a great man hated because purely because Hitler and the Germans have been so incredibly demonised in the last 70 years. Was Hitler so hated back then? he was a respected leader at one point. Even considered a man who wanted peace.

    He even made deals with Zionists to help create a Jewish state which you get into trouble for mentioning (Kevin Livingstone)

    Yet he's a mass murder killed six millions Jews because the Jews say so, and have kept repeating these lies until they became fact.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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