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Should the UK become a 'Direct Democracy'?

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    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    Not for the vast majority of issues. Major constitutional questions should be settled by referenda; everything else should be determined by representative democracy.

    Besides, with all the Trumpite/Corbynite cultists running around these days I'd prefer a somewhat more paternalistic hand on the rudder rather than allowing them to drive us off the cliff into demagogic authoritarianism
    Can't disagree with your first point. It seems that whilst a direct democracy would be incredible in practice, it only really exists as a utopia and that maybe what we need is a representative democracy where we can easily get rid of politicians should they earn the distrust of the electorate (i.e voting out politicians immediately rather than the current deselection process) and a system where fundamental 'easy to understand' issues to be determined by the general public.

    It would require too much knowledge n the part of everyone. The petition system does add an element of direct democracy where issues can be 'force' onto the agenda for discussion, rather than being overlooked because they are not vote winners.
    I would prefer proportional representation. This way we would avoid domination by the largest minority as we often have. It would 'eventually' lead to much more cooperation in government and a broader consensus. People would me more likely to vote for what they actually want rather than against a group they don't want. Parties would be more likely to promote the policies they want, rather than watering them down to try to please a broad range of voters in order to dominate.
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