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Police not recruiting many BME groups

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    I gave reasoned arguments.

    (Original post by Electrospective)
    Here's a crazy thought.

    Maybe just maybe, not many BME peeps are applying.

    And a crazy question to follow up on that crazy statement.

    Why does skin colour matter in policing?
    Shouldn't they be hiring the best applicants. Frankly, discrimination is discrimination. You should be chosen on merit not race.
    Because they have to make this Mickey Mouse quota for eithnic minorities. Stupid really, you can blame the government for that. And yes they should be chosen for skill and merit, not race or gender or anyother liberal bullsnot.

    You cannot simultaneously demand affirmative action for non-white police officers and at the same time assume that non-white police officers being judged to have performed poorly or being reprimanded more frequently than white officers is a result of racism.

    If you bypass or soften the usual recruitment procedures you will hire worse people on average.

    And that was the only thing even close to evidence of police racism you gave.
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    (Original post by AperfectBalance)
    Lets see, there are less blacks than whites in the Uk, There are less Muslims in the uk than white people (Yes I know muslim and white are not mutually exclusive) there are far less black muslims that want to be police officers in the uk than white people who want to become police officers. so obviously there are more white police officers and probably more black police officers than black muslim officers.

    And for jobs like that we should be hiring the most qualified not because they are black or muslim.

    If you are offended at me using the word black, grow up.
    Aside from the police what baout lack of BME in the football league ?

    [QUOTE=Betelgeuse-;66924332]You are right about the first point, the second not so much. Its important to have different ethnicities in the police, they generally have a better raport with people of same ethnicities (I say generally because there are so many instances of black USA criminals abusing black police calling them uncle toms / sellouts etc)[/QUOTE

    I strongly disagree with your reasoning for diversity in a police force. When the public looks at a cop they should only see a uniform and they should be treated as impartially by one uniform as by another. If a particular ethnic groups contact with law enforcement is with a policeman of the same ethnicity the majority of the time, I can see where this rapport you mentioned could begin to influence the way the police interact with a particular group relative to other ethnic groups in the community. This could also result in Mexicans being treated one way, Chinese another, etc.. This can only be a negative for so many reasons.

    The whole, " We are stronger through diversity ", thing is a great example of the Progressive Left twisting the language around so many slogans and causes that words are utterly meaningless. It's the emotion that words produce, not the actual definition that becomes important.

    Diversity may make a society less boring but there's little chance it will make it stronger. I've heard the reasoning by some that each culture brings it's own talents and strengths and lends them to the whole. In my opinion that's crap. Sounds logical, sure, but I've never seen it in the real world. I've never seen an example of a group made stronger because of it's constituent parts being labeled. IMO, this simply perpetuates stereotypes.
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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