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Condom Slippage

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    OK this is not a problem I have had before have Durex changed their sizing. We used a Durex today and it kept on slipping off, we tried another because we thought the first might be damaged but we had the same problem again.

    We are both worried as the condom slipped off a couple of times while I was penetrating, we are both STI free but little worried about pregnancy as I here that even a little pre *** in some instances is enough to get someone pregnant.

    Advice wise make sure she takes the day after pill just in case, but don't worry too much.

    Even when precum does contain sperm, and it often doesn't, it's in so low quantities that a man who normally ejaculated that much would be classed as infertile.

    So it's very unlikely - when was her last period? - but if 'very unlikely' isn't good enough, she can take the 'morning after pill' (this delays ovulation, but can mess with when her next period is = make people think it didn't work) or have an IUD fitted.

    Very unlikely she is pregnant, might be worth getting smaller size condoms

    It's highly unlikely she got pregnant. And precum usually doesn't have sperm, except if there was some left over from previous ejaculations.. I wouldn't worry, especially if you didn't cun inside her. If slippage happens with other brands too I would suggest you to go for snug fit condoms like durex avant to avoid such problems. Here are some other recommendations you may want to check
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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