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Things you hate about the opposite sex.

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    The only thing I dislike about women is how normal they are. You definitely get far more men who are have extreme personalities and traits compared with women, you can't complain about being objectified for your looks if your looks are the only thing you have,

    Women are basic.

    (Original post by Pinkberry_y)
    Well all I'm saying is since evolutionary times, it's been the guy doing the chasing, I don't see why it should change
    What the hell are evolutionary times? I've heard of the Stone Age, Bronze Age but never the evolutionary age.

    When guys go on about the booty 24/7 but you're like *cough cough* Excuse me... 😯

    (Original post by Reachin4TheStars)
    When guys go on about the booty 24/7 but you're like *cough cough* Excuse me... 😯
    What does that mean?

    Generally the prettier you are the nicer guys treat you!

    When I was 'ugly' most boys were nasty to me. Now I am much better looking they actually treat me with respect. I think that's very shallow. I know not all men are like this but I can't help but notice it.

    (Original post by Sisuphos)
    It's been the girl doing the housecleaning and the child-rearing since "evolutionary times" but somehow, today, women and men are thought to be equal and thus very few things remain "female only" or "male only".

    Those are usually things that we can't do anything about (like women giving birth or men ... what is it that we do that women can't do? stand up while peeing?)

    Someone already mentioned this above. I hate to agree with him.
    Hate to agree with me? feelsbad.jpg

    (Original post by TheIr0nDuke)
    Hate to agree with me? feelsbad.jpg
    Yes. I'm a classical liberal so I think you'd hate to agree with me too.
    • Thread Starter

    (Original post by RickmanAlways)
    Do you know how hard it os for girls when theyre constantly being labeled!?
    And being objectified for not looking a particular way, and it is mainly celebs and media that have created this but SO HAVE MEN BECAUSE OF PPORN MEN EXPECT US TO ACT, AND LOOK A PARTICULAR WAY. And then we are told we are ssluts and wwhores and etc!
    For men they are either athletic or fat but for us women we could be labeled as slimthick, fat, anorexic, etc. and you say we are ALL looking for attention? I know alot of us wear shorts because either we like them, or we are trying to live up to the double standards that are put on us.
    We cant have more than one or two boyfriends otherwise we are called ssluts but men always want to hook up with us. We should be wearing this (because media says so) but if we do we will get called ___.

    And you say were looking for attention?
    And you are saying we are MAKING you objectify us?!
    That you have NO CONTROL over anything you do?
    I haven't said anything was a good thing in that post, that's why I created it.
    your only being labelled if you wear such clothes. your labelling yourselves. If you don't wear such short clothes then you won't get labelled as "sluts" , "prostitutes" , and "whores". Most of you are always on the hunt to find attention. If you don't want to be labelled as things, then stop being those things, by wearing shorts or no bras or very slim clothes people don't call you sluts for having 2 boyfriends, that's only what you think will happen .OMG, I can't put up with dumb people like you. You just can't win with these people. this reply would have been much much longer if I'm not stressed about results day. EVERYSINGLE ONE OF YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER WHAT YOU WEAR OR NOT WEAR OR WHAT YOU DO OR NOT DO. You just don't want to be in a fight against social media. If only you would change, then social media and the news and the government would give you equal rights.

    (Original post by PHD2027)
    title. post anything that you hate about the opposite sex.
    I hate this whole "man pride" thing that a lot of guys have going on. Like by no means do all guys do it, but some of my guy mates are the type, that if I said "oh wow you're such a wimp for only drinking one beer" (i wouldn't, just a hypothetical scenario) they'd literally down a bottle of vodka and end up in hospital having their stomach pump. Or like I knew a guy who no matter how tired he was, he would refuse to fall asleep before his girlfriend because it made him feel "less manly". Like guys live your life the way you want, not do stupid things to give yourself some sort of status!
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Updated: August 15, 2016
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