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does he like me or something

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    Okay so there's this guy at my school and we're friends, and the other day we had this event at school which meant that we had to walk to this place away from school, and on the way there and back we just spoke to each other, and then when we were there we would just sit there and talk to each other and walk around together (like to buy snacks or something) and tease one another (like he kept stealing my shoes etc.). and to be honest I thought this was fairly normal as we're friends, but then my friend (shes also his friend) was saying stuff like 'God you two and your flirting' and 'aww you make such a good couple'. and another girl was like 'oh do you like....' and I don't really understand like we are just friends. like does this seem like we were flirting because if so I don't want to come across and a big flirt or tease. does is seem like im a tease?

    It's normal when a guy and a girl are close friends, to be accused of flirting with each other. It just happens, if you're teasing each other and spending time with each other, onlookers might get the wrong end of the stick, and that's not your problem, it's theirs.

    Teasing, talking, wanting to spend time together - these are all things that happen in a good friendship, as well as in a romantic one. Any onlookers who misunderstand the situation are doing exactly that, misunderstanding the situation.
    What other people think about your relationship (friends or otherwise) is not important - what's important is how you two feel about each other. Wether you are just friends, or wether there is a romantic attraction there, behave however the hell you both want to behave with each other

    Your thread title, asking if he likes you or something, there's really not enough information to tell. Do you think he likes you? Do you like him?

    I know what you mean , i had a boyfriend and I had another boy - friend and I have been friends with this buy for a long time over 2 years. We where really close but we always flirted or as I thought being friendly. He used to buy me sweets every Monday and just share them. Then rh day came As my boyfriend broke up with me.... He was straight there to comfort me (even though he was drunk) like he really wanted me. But I said I couldn't get with him cuz of me just coming out of the relationship. But nevertheless , he got with another girl who he said he wouldn't of got with cuz he wanted me.

    What I'm trying to say is , yes he does have interest in you. Just try and keep that friendship up with flirting and kindness and make him realise he wants you! 😉
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Updated: August 15, 2016
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