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Armed North Africans vs Corsicans

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    All White people need to take up arms and make Europe European again

    Do whatever is is necessary to take back what has been rightfully stolen from us

    (Original post by slaven)
    While I do not approve the act of taking pictures from strangers it does not excuse the behaviour of how was the reaction. The husband or boyfriend from the chich in in burkini attacked the pregnant wife of the guy who tok photos.

    After which the native Corsicans gathered and attack them and one more marrocan family. The Corsicans seems to be a typical temperament Medditeranians.
    The Corsicans seems like good people who are reaching breaking point.

    It seems we have an update
    'according to Nicolas Bessonne, the local prosecutor in charge of the case, said: “The three brothers tried to claim the beach for themselves, and privatise it. They threw stones at people who got too close to them and tried to intimidate them. Tensions rose, and insults and threats were exchanged. "Tourists were involved, and the Muslim brothers did indeed threaten and insult a Belgian tourist taking pictures of the creek and a group local youths. And that’s when the fight broke out.”
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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