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Dentistry application from grammar schools bias

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    My sister applied for dentistry at bristol a few years ago with strong as grades (AAA) however a lower UKCAT i think andgot rejected without interview. Is Bristol a UKCAT heavy uni? What are bristol looking for from their applicants. Is it true they are biased against grammar schools or schools that have a high percentage of good grades/results. Also is there anything they particularly like/ look for e.g. how many weeks of work experience, GCSEs

    ''biased against grammar schools''

    I wouldn't worry about that.

    Bristol is full of people from independent and grammar schools, it has one of the lowest state school intakes in the country, less than Cambridge. There was a controversy in 2003 as a result of their access schemes/decision to offer lower offers to those from under performing schools but this eventually blew over.

    From what I've seen it looks like they take the context of your application into account. So if you've attended a high achieving school they want to see a strong application relative to your background. Likewise, if you attended a poor performing school they would expect less but still a strong application from someone in your position.
    In 2015/16 only 798 students were admitted through the contextual offer system, which is only a minority of the yearly intake.

    As a tip when it comes to extra-curricular, they care more about your academic interests than how many orphanages you built on your gap yah. If you've partaken in extra curricular that is directly relevant (ie work experience) to your subject then that's the stuff to include in your statement.
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Updated: August 16, 2016
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