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Worried I'm not smart enough to be a nurse... :(

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    My big dream and goal is to be a nurse and be able to spend everyday helping people and making a little difference in the world. I want to be there when people are going through something difficult, and do everything I possibly can to make it even a little bit better for them. I'm so so interested in human anatomy and medicines and the entire process of illness and healing.
    But whenever I mention being a nurse to anyone, my family or friends, they say something like "do you know how smart you have to be to be a nurse?!" or "are you going to get the grades to do that!!??" and I think maybe they are right.

    I'm about to get my GCSE results next week. I was ill for year ten and missed almost the whole year, so I didn't get to take seperate sciences. I was going too before I was ill though.
    I've applied to study level 3 health and social care next year, and then my plan is to go to university after that..
    Being a nurse is probably the only career I would want in the health/social care sector. The only other career I could imagine enjoying would be drama related.
    Is it a good idea to go through with this course and plan when it's likely I'm not clever enough?! Do you think I am being too ambitious?

    Honestly don't worry about it
    There is a more practical approach to nursing than academic, so everyone at university will be at the same level as you practically.

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    Nursing is a very academic as well as practical course. And many people drop out as they're either better at 1 or the other.
    But many people get on and get through it and pass.
    All you can do is try.
    There are plenty of websites out there to help and universities have student centres and student unions that help when people begin to struggle.
    Have faith in yourself, don't listen to others and be tough and go for it!
    Those qualities you will need when you become a nurse!
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Updated: August 20, 2016
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