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What are your hobbies?

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    learning languages

    lmao thts pre much it

    I've got a bunch of hobbies, I like to start many but never get to far/into them.. or i just grow out of them.

    Personally the most interesting one ive done/doing are mushroom cultivation, alcohol brewing and foraging for wild mushrooms and plants. started with mushroom cultivation, which is much harder than you would think, to think something that grow on ****, takes so much love and care to grow, and when you grow them yourselves they can grow to monstrous sizes, on the third + flush, didnt really understand how complex and honestly beautiful mushrooms were, before i grow them; then i started brewing some of my own alcohol, mainly cos i was underage to buy it and thought it was worth a try... and i thought i would just make it. Moved on to foraging after that, since theres a much of edible mushrooms about and planets.
    theyre weird hobbies but they sound great on your CV/ interviews.

    (Original post by Kendrik Lamar)
    Is porn the actual hobby, or does it support the main hobby?

    (Original post by bizzy_penguin)
    I'd like to say my favourite hobby is Harry Potter is that a thing? if not then its cooking, writing, YouTube, and chess.

    whats yours?
    anything involving precious materials
    so gemstones and gold processing
    silver refining

    Gaming, reading, singing, walking, collecting Yankee Candles

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    Cooking- I literally never stop thinking about what I'm going to cook, and as soon as I finish one meal, my mind's on creating the next one (then the next hobby is eating my creations!)
    Pilates- it's also really good for my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so that's a bonus!

    I like to read and write. I enjoy drawing sometimes.

    Reading is my main hobby, I sometimes like reading random PDFs online by doing random google searches...

    I really want to start reading and learning more about astronomy. Maybe I could convince my mum into buying me a telescope since she brought my brother ridiculously expensive shoes the other day.
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