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Should I apply to Oxford?

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    I am an international student currently doing IB abroad in a boarding school.
    I have always been fascinated by sciences and my sheer devotion to them will never diminish (no matter what)! Being inquisitive, science seemed always appealing to me.

    Consequently, I have decided to study biology or biochemistry since I thought it will satisfy my interests. I am a hardworking student that likes nothing but science (literally...maybe this sounds cheesy........but I am serious) It is my passion, my dream my love!

    I choose to pursue my dream in UK since I think the general undergraduate system suits me the most (facilities, tutoring etc.) By putting immense hard work in numerous competitions, projects and school work I came a wee bit closer to something that seemed unimaginable to me: studying at Oxford.

    Here is the thing..During my IB DP1 I was consistently working and my results were promising, giving me the possibility to achieve a perfect score for my predicted grades. In my mock exams I screwed badly, when I say badly I mean very badly (not in biology and math tho ) because of my weakness in health that did not allow me to "shine".As a result of my bad mock results I think that I am going to just scrap the requirement for Biological sciences (39/42). My teachers and admission staff at my school are not being supportive at all. Since they want to put effort only in these top-notch students (42/42).

    I firmly believe that I am one of these top-notch students that will achieve a good result in IB . I am almost certain that the reference letter won't be at the required level. I already finished my PS and the UCAS form is almost filled up. I have a strong past academic record and a bunch of super curricular activities.

    Do I have chances to get in? Should I apply? Should I take a gap year? Or I should simply not apply?

    Nice essay, apply and see what happens. As long as you have the minimum predicted grades then your performance in the admissions test and interview will be the ultimate arbiter of your success in gaining entry. Take a gap year if you want, it won't make much difference.
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Updated: August 15, 2016
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