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How many emails can outlook send through mail merge?

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    So, I am currently conducting a student survey and I have email addresses of over 2000 people. How many people can i send an email to at once when using Outlook mail merge?

    Does anyone know the answer through past experience?

    Also is their a chance my internet connection could crash because of overload? (maybe me being overly conscious).

    A quick Google search suggests you'll be having issues with your ISP before Mail Merge.

    If your ISP has a hard limit on the number of emails you can send in a day, or the number of recipients, or so on, then that's going to cause you a problem. Mail Merge doesn't seem to have a have a hard limit (same for Outlook in general) but your ISP probably has their own limits.

    Your internet connection won't crash. That's not how it works. Individual parts of the network could crash or become overloaded, such as your router, which would sever the internet connection. Or your ISP may just outright block all the outgoing traffic.

    Sending emails to thousands of people simultaneously (or even a few hundred) will put a strain on a normal home network. More robust networks could handle more traffic of course.

    Also you mentioned this as a student survey. If you're completing this at your institution consult your school, college or university tech team. Sending 2000 emails simultaneously could have a huge impact on their services, even going so far as to outright crash the servers and bring the network down. For which you'd get in deep trouble. At best it'll look like you're sending bulk spam emails which is often a breach of institutional policy.
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Updated: August 17, 2016
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