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Help me find a suitable vocational degree

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    Hi, my subjects are chem bio maths and spanish, and i will be dropping spanish (hopefully). I cant seem to find a course seeing as nothing particularly interests me and if im honest i just need a degree that will lead to a stable job.

    ideally something in science would be cool, before i wanted to be a doctor however I think this year for my AS results i will get BBCD so thats out the picture.

    By some miracle im hoping to get at least 3 Bs so that ill be predicted BBB and can apply for degrees such as radiography or speech and language therapy. Ive also been looking at accounting as a possible option.

    Um and also, i wanted to do neuroscience but I doubt ill get the grades or it and plus i dont think you can get a job after that...

    does anyone have any other ideas for me? i feel totally stuck and confused as to how ill sort my life out.

    Speech and Language Therapy with your combination would be an excellent option. However, the grade boundaries are tough. Not many courses out there that don't want to see an A grade in the mix. You'd have to prepared to work towards an A in something if you want to maximise your chances.*

    If nothing's grabbing you, though, I think you need to consider getting yourself to some open days. Have you done any work experience or volunteering that would give you something to talk about on your personal statement, something to support your interest in a health care role? I'm assuming you have if you've been thinking about medicine but it is worth reflecting on those experiences and thinking about what you found interesting.*

    I'm studying SLT and I've got a lot of experiences helping people prepare their personal statements so do PM me if you want to ask anything about either of those.*
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Updated: August 16, 2016
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