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How much studying should you be doing outwith school time for your Highers?

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    (Original post by ___Sophie___)
    So school starts back tomorrow and this year I would like to make more effort. I'm not someone who needs to do an awful lot of studying, I basically studied the day before all my N5 exams and got 6 A's and 3 B's, which is pretty good considering how little I did but I was capable of 9 A's and this year I don't want to make the same mistake. So yeah how much studying should I be doing for my Highers outwith school time? Our prelims are in January so when should I start seriously studying for them? Any advice is appreciated.
    I did my highers in May (6As) and I think I started studying in October- that's generally when the first assessments were for most of my subjects. Most of my studying during term time was at the weekends as I have quite a few extracurricular commitments. I studied a lot in December/January, had a couple of weeks in February (post prelims) where I didn't study much and studied a reasonable amount in March and about 8 hours 5/6 days a week during study leave/Easter holidays. Some people might think this is a bit OTT and looking back, I probably didn't need to study as much or for as long as I did. But at the time I needed to as my biggest problem is thinking I don't know the content, so I probably over studied and felt that I reached my 'optimum' about a month too early. I'd suggest just doing your homework/revising when necessary for assessments and pacing yourself thereafter, doing as little/much as you need to do to feel content that you know what you need to know, because only you will know how much studying that will require. Hopefully this makes sense and is helpful

    I did nothing whatsoever until the Christmas holidays where I did a bit of rewriting, but not much. Didn't do much for prelims (they don't really matter), then I only started properly revising late March/early April. I still got 5As at higher, I probably wouldn't suggest leaving it as late as I did (definitely not doing that this year). But the point is, if you start stressing too early, you could exhaust yourself for when the most important time comes. Do a bit here and there (maybe a couple hours on the weekends), but as long as you're understanding the course and doing homework, I wouldn't get too serious about it for at least a couple months. It's good to be refreshed for the few months before exams.
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Updated: August 17, 2016
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