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Rejected for IOP Scholarship

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    I was rejected for an IOP scholarship today and was wondering if anyone is in the same boat? Are there any other grants available to me at this stage?

    To be honest I'm a little pissed off as I have been rejected without even having an interview and speaking to someone. I also thought I had more than enough for the application:

    1st class degree in physics
    Male, 20s
    Project work published in a journal
    2As and 2Bs at A Level
    5A*s and 2As at GCSE
    3 YEARS volunteer work with disabled children
    1 Week classroom experience

    What more do they want?

    Rejection is the absolute worst, particularly when no feedback is given to allow you to understand the decision. I'm a little confused about why you need a grant, though. In lieu of the funding from the scholarship, you should be eligible for the DfE's £30,000 bursary, so you won't be any worse off financially as a result of not getting it. This also isn't going to have a significant impact on your ability to complete your training or your future career. The benefits of the scholarship simply would have supplemented your training. Considering how busy you are likely to be during your training year, you might not even have had the time to take advantage of many of these benefits!

    The small number of scholarships is likely to be the reason why you were turned down. Based on last year's statistics, if 1/3 of trainees applied, they would need to reject almost 100 applicants. Narrowing down candidates in these circumstances likely requires them to look beyond qualifications and experience.

    Physics teachers get priority for funding. Your first class degree entitles you to £30,000 bursary. You can also get a full student loan to cover your course fees and a maintainance loan if you require one. The £30,000 bursary should more than cover your costs, so if I were you I wouldn't get a loan.
    As an English trainee with a 2:1 , I am only entitled to a £4,000 bursary, but I'll be lucky to even get that, since we only receive this money if there is any left over after all the Science, Maths, Geography and Languages students have received their funding. As a result of this I have had to apply for the maximum loans I qualify for to cover my living costs. I'm just hoping that after scrimping for a year, I'll be able to secure a reasonably paid teaching job.
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