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10 places you want to visit before you die

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    What are the 10 places you want to visit in the world before you die?
    And why?

    (not in order)
    1) India- Jaipur, Agra, Delhi (my spellings bad sozzo)- it looks so pretty!
    2) Machu Pichu- I've been to the Andes in Ecuador and it was insane, so I wanna do this!
    3) Nepal- looks pretty
    4) Vietnam- Again looks fab
    5) USA- NYC, LA, DC- Always wanted to!
    6) Vancouver- I really want to get onto UBC Grad entry medicine!
    7) Philippines- studied it in geography so idk y not
    8) Southern France- Would be amazing to go on holiday to somewhere I speak the language, same with...
    9) Munich/anywhere in Bavaria
    10) Morocco? Tunisia? Gotta go somewhere in Africa continent so who knows

    1. Reykjavik (again) and the rest of Iceland
    2. Disneyland Florida
    3. Faroe Islands
    4. Norway
    5. Denmark
    6. Sweden
    7. Hebrides Islands
    8. Kenya safari
    9. Greenland
    10. New York

    Iceland, Norway, Greenland, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, Ireland (for the beautiful scenery and Northern Lights in Iceland/Norway)
    Italy (to visit Mount Etna)
    Yellowstone National Park (this area fascinates me!)
    Antarctica (I just think it would be awesome!)

    Australia love the sea over there
    South Africa same
    Egypt always wanted to visit it since i studied it in elementary school
    France wanna see paris and visit the louvre
    Brazil in love with culture
    Singapore is so innovative and technological, i love it
    California, lived in texas but never went over there, it has to be pretty
    Mexico same
    Porto Rico same plus super cool beaches
    Iceland love it
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    For me, id want to visit-
    1) Brazil (especially rio, and the amazon)
    2) Ushuaia in argentina- the southermost city in the world
    3) Tanzania (Mainly to visit mount kilamanjaro
    4) Australia (to visit places like ayres rock, great barrier reef etc)
    5) Iceland (to visit the norther lights, ice hotels etc)
    6) Vietnam (from what ive seen the scenery looks beautiful there)
    7) Canada (theres a few places id like to visit there, such as the shania twain visitor centre etc)
    8) America (mainly places like new york)
    9) Zanzibar (it looks beautiful there)
    10) Dubai (i know its expensive but ive just got to visit)

    1. Minis Tirith
    2. The Shire - Bag End
    3. Edoras
    4. The Undying Lands
    5. Mordor
    6. Isengard
    7. Rivendell
    8. Erebor
    9. Gondor
    10. Rohan

    1. Paris (France)
    2. Rome (Italy)
    3. Giza (Egypt)
    4. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
    5. Hoian (Vietnam)
    6. Bangkok (Thailand)
    7. Great Wall (China)
    8.Taj Mahal ( India)
    9. Great Barrier (Australia)
    10. Victoria waterfall
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Updated: August 17, 2016
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