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Current tablet or new laptop?

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    Im going into my first year of uni and im trying tk decide whether or not to buy a new laptop.
    I have a tablet, a little Nexus 7 which is relatively decent and i have a wireless keyboard for it too. I wrote all of my essays on it last year in high school with minimal difficulty. Its connected to google drive snd outlook and everything so writing wise it wasnt a problem.

    If i get a new laptop will i be using it for much more than writing essays, will the extra £300 for a laptop be worth it?

    I have a Nexus 7 myself, although I cannot imagine writing essays on it.

    However, £300 is not enough to secure a laptop worth running over the coming three years. If you do like tablets, then Google are expected to release their 2016 Nexus 7 before the end of the year. Grab that.

    Even if all you're planning to do is write essays a tablet probably won't be powerful or large enough to get any real work done. The issue doesn't lie with the actual writing but all the other work surrounding it. It's going to be a huge pain to be continuously flipping back and forth between windows as you're grabbing information off the internet, writing notes and writing essays. Tablets are great but they're not designed for heavier work. You also lose out on a lot of tools by not running full fat versions of software and being forced to use tablet versions instead.

    The issue though is that £300 isn't a lot of money. The only laptop I know of brand new in that budget is this one:


    That said it'll do everything you need it to do far more comfortably than a tablet.

    The other issue to remember is just how much tablets degrade over time. That laptop will last you for 3 years. It won't be brilliant but it'll suffice. Your tablet likely won't. I'm guessing you've had it for a few years already and expecting it to continue working well for at least 3 more years is unrealistic. Advances in Android software will leave it behind while the laptop won't suffer such a fate.

    I would not ever recommend anyone take a tablet to university as their primary method of getting work done. They're fine for taking notes, light browsing and so on but for getting any serious work done you'll want a laptop.
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